Lime, Lemongrass & Cedarwood Pyramid Candles



STIMULATING, REFRESHING CITRUS  Lime is a joyful, clean aroma, which we blend with citrusy, fresh Lemongrass then balance with Cedarwood, a warm, woody oil. The resulting holistic mix generates a dynamic, invigorating sense of wellbeing – the Lime encouraging mental clarity; the Lemongrass, a positive outlook, and the Cedarwood, cerebral activity

FOR the HOME – The distinctive, bright diffusion will clear the atmosphere in any room as Lemongrass helps prevent the growth of some bacteria and yeasts, and Cedarwood has deodorising properties

INTRODUCING – We are now making pyramids in three sizes! Because we couldn’t help ourselves, we’ve named them – TUTANKHAMUN (90 hours), NEFERTITI (150 hours), and CLEOPATRA (240 hours).


  • .552kg
  • 13cm x 13cm x 11.5cm
  • burn duration approx 90 hours


  • 1.200kg
  • 16cm x 16cm x 16cm
  • burn duration approx 150 hours


  • 1.850kg
  • 16cm x 16cm x 22cm
  • burn duration approx 240 hours



Our Pyramid range is hand-crafted with the same patience and skill that master craftsmen have relied upon through the ages. Embedding slices of agate above a base of river pebbles, sea glass or shells results in a distinctive creation. Long burning, the pyramid will slowly burn down to illuminate the agate, highlighting the variations in the crystal, adding a striking new dimension. High-quality essential oils used to perfume the candles ensure a clean, rich fragrance

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