Candle Care

Wax lantern

Wide range of choices. Photo by Tom Masat - Unsplash Applying pigments to the lantern prior to blending the colours by torch. Photo: Integrity Candles After the application of pigments, the colours are blended using a gas flame. Photo: Integrity Candles Colour is applied at various times through the process, depending on the effect being created. Photo from Integrity Candles collection. Large Planet series lantern - Mercury Design. Photo by Integrity Candles. Mercury night shot by frank Gumley

Each of our lanterns is a unique and distinctive work of art designed to give you many years of pleasure.

To create an enduring product, we have evolved a recipe of blended waxes, which together have a melting point of approximately 75oc. This means your lantern will not be effected by normal temperatures in your home. To colour the lanterns, we use flame like a paintbrush to melt pigments into the surface of the lantern, resulting in a tough, glossy finish.

How to Care for your Lantern

You can enjoy your lantern indoors or out, but to keep the colours bright and protect the sheen, when not in use keep your lantern indoors, out of direct sunlight.

If your lantern begins to look dull or dusty, simply remove the pebbles and candle and rinse the lantern with cold water. Polishing the surface with a soft, dry cloth will restore the sheen. We suggest doing this regularly to ensure your lantern remains an eye-catching ornament to your home.

All our lanterns come with a bed of pebbles inside, which the glassware and candle sit in. Felt pads on the base mean you can confidently place your lantern on any stable surface.

A product care card is included with your lantern.

Pillar Candle 

Extinguish your candle once the wax has melted to the rim

Our Soy Blend Pillar formula creates a harder and therefore longer burning candle, with a brighter flame than traditional pillar candles.

How to Care for your Pillar Candle

The first burn of any candle is very important, and if done correctly, your candle will burn evenly each time you light it.

  • Trim the pure cotton wick to approximately 10mm for a small pillar – a few millimetres longer for medium and large pillar candles.
  • Light the wick and burn till the candle melts out to the candle rim. 
  • Snuff out the candle just before the shoulder is breached and the wax spills over.
  • During this first burn, you can prevent the wick cupping (leaning to one side) or smoking by trimming the wick with a pair of sharp scissors. This will ensure the candle burns evenly.
  • Small 40hr expect two hours of burning before the melted wax reaches the rim. 
  • Medium 90hr & Large 140hr – expect five hours of burning before the melted wax reaches the rim.
  • Large & medium – during the last hours of burning, the flame will flicker brightly and beautifully amongst the pebbles nestled in the base of the candle. 

Tip: Candles burn longer in cooler weather. In warmer weather, placing your candle in the fridge for a few hours prior to lighting it slows the burning time and increases the life of your candle. 

Tip: To prevent your candle spilling over or hollowing out, we suggest burning the small pillar for around 2 hours at a time, and the medium and large pillars for around 5 hours at a time. This will ensure you enjoy the full burning life of your candle.

Tip: Your pillar candle should burn evenly, consuming all of the fuel (wax), if it is left to burn away from breezes.

Massage Candle

Tastefully packaged in quality glassware. Allow your candle to burn for twenty minutes to bring the oil to body temperature. Extinguish the flame and carefully apply a small amount of oil into the palm of your hand.  The warmed oil is readily absorbed and leaves the skin feeling velvety soft. Concocted for pleasure - not merely exotically scented, our Massage Candle has been cleverly prepared as the medium for massage. Photo by Valentin Antonucci on Unsplash

Nourishing and Sensuous

Our massage candle is simply divine and is made from the finest, cosmetic grade ingredients: pure soy wax, shea butter, macadamia oil, and pure essential oils.

How to use your Massage Candle

When lit, the Massage Candle’s ingredients are heated by the flame and start to melt to form a warm, fragrant massage oil. This takes approximately 20 minutes and in the process will scent the room, creating the ideal atmosphere for massage. Once melted, extinguish the flame and check the oil is at a comfortable temperature with your fingers. 

This lovely blend of wax and oils is safe and nourishing on your skin.