Lavender & Vanilla Pyramid Candles



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LAVISH and CALMING – Two of the most popular fragrances mingle in this soft, warm, smooth combination. Lavender’s herbal notes are complemented by the familiar exotic lushness of Vanilla

BENEFITS – Lavender has acknowledged anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties and is also used to help treat depression and insomnia. Combined with Vanilla’s power to stimulate the happiness hormones, oxytocin and dopamine, this a perfect feel-good candle to burn in your home

Introducing ~ We are now making pyramids in three sizes!

    • SMALL 
      • .552 kg
      • 13 x  13 x 11.5 cm h
      • Burn duration over 90 hours
    • MEDIUM
      • 1.240 kg
      • 16 x 16 x 14 cm h
      • Burn duration over 140 hours
    • LARGE 
      • 1.76o kg
      • 16 x 16x 22 cm h
      • Burn duration over 190 hours


Our Pyramid range is hand-crafted with the same patience and skill that master craftsmen have relied upon through the ages. Embedding slices of agate above a base of exotic natural pebbles, semi-precious stones or sea shells results in a distinctive creation. With a long burning time, the pyramid will gradually illuminate the agate, highlighting the variations in the crystal, adding a striking new dimension. High-quality essential oils used to perfume the candles ensure a clean, rich fragrance

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